Cough-cough, hack-hack, what is a snapchat hack?

First of all, do any of you know who or what snapchat is? Do you understand the improvisational definition behind this quirky or snappy name? A snap chat is a short and to the point online chat with anyone of your pals out there. It is like messaging them on your mobile, only with a lot more interactivity. For instance, if you want to send a photograph of yourself or an important news clip that you need to share, then you can quickly snap it into your message field, and then quickly send your message through.

The online spell and grammar checker wanted to prompt a correct to ‘snap shot’ to what was said above. That’s okay, because you can look at it that way too. Whatever you want to say online, and whatever you want to share visually, can be viewed as a snap shot, perhaps to greater or bigger things to come. The heading wanted to know if any of you out there know what a snapchat hack is. One thing that it is not is a very bad cough, or hack, as some folks would prefer to call it.

Some of you are already smart enough to start reading between the lines. Most of you already know what it means to hack. Pretty much all of you have never gone down that road before. Apart from the fact that you would not know how to hack online, you may have already worked out that it could be deemed to be some form of illegal activity, meaning that if you are not clever enough to disguise your activities, you could quickly have the Feds banging on your door late at night.

Figuratively speaking, of course, because your law enforcement agencies already have their hands full in combating real and dangerous criminal activity. Even so, if you get a handle of a free hacking tool, you still need to be sure about your business, or pleasure. Make sure you know how to do the hack with your hacking tool. Continue to keep your snapchat messages short and sweet and choose your words carefully.

Always try to be the nice guy, in other words. Or good girl, depending on your sex. The deal behind getting yourself a snapchat hacking tool is well-meaning. There is nothing devious or malevolent behind this activity. Getting yourself on to snapchat is hard enough already. And many of you simply cannot afford it either. The hacking tool gives you the stuff you need free of charge. Quickly, quietly, and there you go.

You are on to snapchat and no-one is the wiser. You’re just another regular snapchat user. But first you need the tool. That’s easy. It takes a minute or two and then it’s all done, bar the shouting. But then again, maybe you want to keep things quiet for a while. Just to be on the safe side.